​​​​​​​Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang​ (KKC)


What is KKC

Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang or known as KKC is a quality control circle, one of Public Sector Reform implemented in Brunei Darussalam Public sector to instill continuous improvement for productivity and quality. ​In concept, KKC team comprises of ​3 to 10 members from same Unit or Section, gather in group to  identify vital issues​ and systematically solve problem that exist in their work environment. Through KKC, the team members could also find a potential and innovative solution to enhance their service quality.​

History of KKC​​ in Brunei Darussalam

Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang (KKC) initially started in the Brunei Darussalam public sector upon initiatives of the Honorable Dato Paduka Hj Abd Jalil Rahman (Head of Training Unit). The QCC program is fully supported by the Honorable Dato Hj Md Kassim bin Hj Daud (Director General). The QCC name then changed to Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang (KKC) by the Honorable Dato Hj Ahmad bin POKDGSRPLU Hj Mohd Yussof (Director of Public Service).

The first KKC course was attended by 43 officers from government departments which was conducted by Dr Ismail Noor, a consultant from Malaysia. Several expert trainers from Institut Tadbiran Awam Negaran (INTAN), Malaysia also invited to conduct the same training on 'G2G' basis, the courses then took over by IPA's Training Officer to conduct more KKC courses for Brunei Darussalam's public service.

KKC steering committee established in the Public Service Department (JPA). When JPA officially assigned the responsibility to drive the KKC,  Director General appointed as advisory whereas, Deputy Director General acts as Steering committee of the KKC in the public sector.

The first National KKC Convention was organised by JPA, there were 7 teams; Mawar from JPA, JPM from Prime Minister's Office, UKUR from Survey Department, Pelindung from Housing Development Department, Kesturi from Agriculture Department, Setering3B from Land Transport Department, Quest from BSP. The Mawar team from JPA won an award and given an incentive as observer at Singapore National QCC Convention.

Meanwhile, in the second National KKC Convention there were 4 teams showcased their projects such as Jambatan (IPA, JPA), Kumala (JPA), Tangkas from Fire and Rescue Department, and BSP with their team Quest. Jambatan team from IPA was given an opportunity to represent Brunei Darussalam in the Singapore National QCC Convention.


National Convention for KKC

The National Convention is an annual event organised by IPA as a venue for the Ministries and Departments to showcase their projects and to share their best approach in improving productivity and quality at their work place. Every year, each Ministry showcased 3 projects in the National Convention. Until 2012, IPA opened up participation to any project from Ministries that has completed the PDCA cycle and has done a minimum of 3 months monitoring period after the implementation of the improvement solution.


Project Assessor (Ministrial level convention)

1Hajah Nona Lieza Binti Haji Yahya Jabatan Ukur
2.Norarina Binti ChuchuInstitut Perkhidmatan Awam
3.Dk Hjh Norasmawati Binti Pg Hj AhmadKementerian Hal Ehwal Ugama
4. Hj Aziz bin HassanBersara
5.Hjh Nurulhudda Binti Haji Awg AdananSekolah Menengah Rimba


Buku Program Majlis Konvensyen Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang Peringkat Kebangsaan Kali Ke-21, Tahun 2018

Pautan terdahulu:

Buku Program Majlis Penutup dan Penyampaian Anugerah Khas Konvensyen Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang Peringkat Kebangsaan Kali Ke-20, Tahun 2017

Buku Program Majlis Konvensyen Kumpulan Kerja Cemerlang Peringkat Kebangsaan Kali Ke-20, Tahun 2017

Sinopsis Projek KKC Ke 19, Tahun 2016


KKC Contact

Centre For Organizational Development & Innovation (CODI)
Civil Service Institute
Simpang 256-24
Jalan Kampong Rimba
Gadong BE3119
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Phone: +6732452223


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